About FTI & RC



The history of forestry education in H.P. started in 1949, when “Lower Division Subordinate Training School was opened at Junga to manage the vast forest resources of the state scientifically. This school was shifted to Solan in 1952 and then to Mashobra in 1956. At the same time, a soil conservation school was opened at Dalhousie in 1956-57. In 1964 both the schools were combined together and shifted to Solan. The school was finally shifted to Chail on 15th April, 1968 and has been functioning since then.

It was realized that even by using the capacity of FTS, Chail to its maximum, it would not be possible to clear the backlog of untrained Forest Guards and Deputy Rangers in the FD as nearly one third of them were untrained at that time. Sundernagar with its pleasant climate, central location in the State and also due to availability of infrastructure developed during Social Forestry Project, got obvious preference for opening one of the two new forestry training schools proposed in that year. The other training school was opened at Kuther in Kangra Distt, which also remained under administrative control of training division Sundernagar till June 1994.  Initially, the Centre conducted regular five and half month basic in service training courses for Forest Guards and short term refresher courses on participatory forestry and technical Forestry for the Front Line Staff and Community members. Both the Centres at Sundernagar and Chail were renamed as Forest Training Institute in 2008. FTI Sundernagar was empanelled by Govt. of India for imparting Range Forest Officers Training in 2012 and this institute has been renamed as FTI & Rangers’ College, Sundernagar.


FTI & RC is located in DPF Trambri on Keran Road near BBMB Colony, Sundernagar in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. It is approximately 6 kms from Sundernagar Bus Stand.


A society namely ‘Natural Resource Management Training Develpoment Society’ was constituted in 2006 to after the training and management of FTI & RC, Sundernagar and FTI, Chail.


FTI & RC conducts training Induction as well as In-service training of Forest Personnels. The Institute is currently conducting regular Induction training courses for Range Forest Officers and Forest Guards. Besides this the Institute also conducts refresher courses for the Front Line Staff and the Ministerial staff of the HP Forest Department. Tailor made training courses for other Departments/ Projects/ HPSFDC/ Agencies/ Community Members/ Eco-Tourism are also conducted in this Institute.

The details of the training courses conducted so far is as follows:



Regular Courses Male Female Total
1. Regular Courses of Forest Guards (5½ months 18 Batches) 458 09 467
2. Regular Courses of Forest Guards(19 to 28th Batch) (06 months) 269 167 436
  Total (Sr. 1 & 2) 727 176 903
3 Capsule Course of Dy. Rangers (3 months duration) 94 0 94
4 Regular Forest  Workers Course (one month course) 32 0 32
5 Regular Course for HPSFC Ltd. (45 days duration) 55 02 57
6 One month Orientation Course for newly promoted Dy.Ranger 53 00 53
7 9 Months Regular Training Course for Deputy Rangers of Sikkim Forest Department 18 00 18
8. Orientation Course for 3 weeks for Fgds. 47 11 58
9. Core Forestry Course for 9 weeks for Fgds upto 11th  Batch. 243 56 299
10. 6  week Second Course Fgd. 27 06 33
  Total Sr.No.3 to 10. 833 153 986
1. 18 months certificate course for FROs 1st batch (2012-14 batch) 27 02 29
2. 18 months certificate course for FROs 2nd batch (2014-16 batch) 21 13 34
3. 18 months certificate course for FROs 3rd batch (2016-18 batch) 32 07 39
1. Refresher courses for ROs, DRs, Fgds, Forest Workers, Ministerial staff of Forest Department, NGOs 2690 531 3221
2. Short Term Paid Courses organized for other  Department /Agencies /Projects/ HPSFC Ltd., Punjab Forest Department, H.P. Mid Himalayan watershed/ KFW Project H.P. 2304 344 2648
  Total 5074 897 5971
  G. Total ( Regular+ Short term) 6634 1226 7860