The Forestry scenario in the country has witnessed significant changes during the last two decades. As a result, foresters need to possess a different set of skills to manage forests for their multiple functions. The Forest Training Institute and Rangers College, Sunder Nagar  is imparting induction training to the Range Forest Officers nominated by the Directorate of Forest Education Dehradun and Forest Guards from various states to enhance capacities expected out of modern foresters, which have to be in tune with the emerging societal and governance conditions.

This Institute is primarily engaged in conducting induction training of FROs / Forest Guards and is also supporting in-service training / refresher courses for Forest Frontline Staff (Dy. Rangers/Foresters/Forest Guards and Ministerial staff). I would like to appreciate and sincerely commend the efforts of all faculty members and support staff of this Institute in building capacities of forestry personnel and wish them all the best in their noble training endeavours.

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